Month: December 2011

Man-Made Famine

I believe that the course of action of the current famine in Somalia could have been avoided if the proper actions were made. Apparently Droughts does not necessarily produce Famine as we have seen in the past droughts in Somalia like ´Daba Dheer Drought´. The sequence of actions from the occupation of Ethiopians in Somalia, and the subsequent creation of Alshabab led to the current famine. With a strong government and an early signal the current situation would not be in a such a worst condition ever faced in Somalia. All said i believe it was a man-made famine not a natural famine which caused by rain or any other natural calamities.


Business at night in Mogadishu city

Since two decades Mogadishu city witnessed the worst things ever once-a-beautiful-city experienced. abandoned shops, banks, government offices are motor-bombed beyond recognition. Amidst of these ruins the resilience of businesses in Mogadishu is unprecedented. In order to survive a new market was opened after 1991 which had become on of the biggest markets in the horn of Africa Bakaro market.
However recently the Bakaro market suffered from the worsening situations in Mogadishu where warring parties have competed to take control of the market. For example, Amisom mortars have claimed lives of innocent people inside the market. On the other hand Alshabab were said to have a controlling hand in the bakaro market and a base for their funds. whatever the case, now that alshabab´s influence in the market is becoming less, there seems to be new blood in the market and people started to re-open their businesses in the market.

In general, there is a sense of optimism in the business sector in Mogadishu city. The better the security the better the flow of business in the city. And current pictures of a businesses in Mogadishu open at night can say it all clear and well. it is said pictures are worth thousand words so let the pictures talk!!

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