Transition and Humanitarian development

Since my arrival in Mogadishu, I have observed the increase of humanitarian aid profession. At a close look, i have noticed the challenges faced by these professionals that associate with contexts of transitioning from conflict to peace. yet rarely these people reflect on the critical concepts, practical challenges and policy dilemmas which can bring the country towards effective transitioning.

In this critical junction, the country needs not only transitioning in its political process but also in its humanitarian sector. in this time, it may present an opportunity for us to better examine this cross-section of modern change by innovating programs that consider the important transition from short-term (humanitarian) to long-term (development and beyond) ownership of projects.

Let us think about our children and develop an everlasting solutions to the current crisis. I believe through the coordination and development of broader perspectives on humanitarian development we could help Somalia and lift it up to development. Somaaliya Ha is raacdo!Image 



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